Become A Sponsor...

    If you wish to help Northfield Little League Football we would like to here from you...

    Our League is a Non Profitable, Charitable Community Organisation and although our aim is to provide free football to those who are not privileged to play in a club, as we accept players regardless of their ability.

    Our League is ran by unpaid Volunteers and we solely rely on contributions and donations. All our donations must be either suitable for our end of season raffle or for football activities.

    - Are you looking for advertising opportunities ?

    - Do you want to help out our Little League ?

    - Do you appreciate community spirit ?

    If you have answered yes to any of the above, then you are the type of person or company we need to help us.

    This wont cost a packet as we can offer a tailored sponsorship package to suit your budget. Sponsorship can start from as little as £50 per season.


    What Can I / My Company Sponsor ?

    - The League

    - A Cup Competition

    - One of our Teams

    - Match Ball

    - Equipment


    What will benefits will this return ?

    - Advertising is one of the main features that we can offer, with our networking skills we aim to increase your revenue. For example our social media team has increased our Facebook page likes by over 20% in a year with our best posts reaching surplus of 2k people, organically! Imagine the potential custom, even if 10 of these people purchase your product at £10 = 100%  profit on your investment!

    - You will also be invited to our end of season presentation to present any sponsored cup or trophy, even if you are a team or league sponsor you can be part of a memorable evening.

    -Team photos displaying your company logo.


    How does this benefit Little League ?

    - We will be able to purchase new training equipment for the children, upgrading our older equipment will help with player development. 

    - We will be able to keep our requested family membership fee low, or even with the potential of reducing this for our community!


    If you wish to discuss potential sponsorship then please contact us below or via our contact us page. Alternatively you can make a suitable raffle donation to help with us raising funds, or even donate any sports equipment to contribute towards the players facilities.


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