About Us




Northfield Little League is a non profitable league which is ran by volunteers. We currently play by mini soccer 9v9 rules and have 6 teams participating in the League: Pavelodge, Rangers, Red Star, Rover, Westfield and Woodland. From September 2016 we are re introducing our 'Mini' League, providing there is enough interest. This will for boys between 9 and 10 years of age, training / matches will be from 10 am. 

Little League Football is governed and sanctioned by our own committee, the National Executive Committee. A committee which is made up of volunteers. We play by the Laws of The Game and our league is affiliated to the Birmingham County F.A. The welfare and protection of each child is paramount and new volunteers are screened in accordance with F.A and National Little League guidelines.

Northfield Little League currently operates two divisions, a Mini League and Junior Little League. We currently organize four competitions within our Junior season; League, Cup, Plate and Memorial Shield to ensure that following the Little League concept, all our players are treated the same and will each be rewarded for their efforts at the end of the season.